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Used Car Inspection Services we Offer


PPI or Pre-Purchase Inspection Service

We advise getting a Pre-Purchase Car Inspection if you're buying a used car or vehicle before you buy it or make any commitments to the seller to buy the car. Purchasing a lemon is the last thing you want to do.

Mobile Car Inspection

We conduct the Car inspection on-site (mobile) and come out to you or the vehicle. We will travel there and perform the full-service inspection at the dealership (new car dealership or Used/Independent), regardless of whether the vehicle is with a private owner or a used car dealer.

Exhaustive Inspection

Want to purchase a used car? Fearing unreported issues and poor upkeep or Service history? To Guarantee the vehicle has a strong maintenance history, we inspect and evaluate all vehicles with a fine tooth comb (not literally) for all major maintenance and service intervals.

Multi-Point Checklist

Every car has some form of history to it, whether you buy it from a private seller, a used car dealership in Phoenix,,, or Craigslist. We examine the details of its maintenance records and services to ensure they're all up-to-date.

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PHX Inspection Services for Used Cars

Peace of Mind when Buying

Our PPI Car Inspections are a Must - A Glimpse at What we Inspect on a Vehicle:

We provide a thorough inspection on the car you're interested in purchasing so you can make a confident, informed choice on whether you want to buy it or not. We start the examination by concentrating on the engine and gearbox, which includes a comprehensive visual inspection, oil changes for the engine and transmission, brake fluid, coolant hoses, battery cold cranking amps and cable condition, belts, air filters, and air conditioning system.

The interior of the car is the next area we inspect. We look at the mileage, the heating and air conditioning systems, the interior lights, instrument panel operation, horn operation, seat adjustability, seat belt operation, latches, locks, window operation, power mirrors, condition of seats, carpets, headliner, and dashboard. The spare tire, the condition of it, any water leaks, the car jack, and the tools needed to remove the tire are all checked in the trunk. In order to check for problem codes in the engine, transmission, abs, and srs systems, we finish by running an obd2 diagnostic.

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Pre-Purchase Inspections in Phoenix, AZ

Inspecting all Aspects of a Car

The next check is of the vehicle's exterior. Visual checks are made for faults, any damage, and panel alignment on the body and paint. Rock chips and cracks are checked on all exterior windows. We'll inspect the wheels for cracks, curb damage, and missing weights (balancing), as well as the tires for DOT number, adequate inflation, remaining tire life, brake pads, struts, and/or shocks. Then, the car is raised in order to look at the parts on the underside. We visually check the drive shaft for damage, the exhaust system for damage and corrosion, the engine, transmission, and differentials for leaks, the cv axles and steering rack for ripped boots, and then the ball joints for excessive play.

Taking the car for a Test Drive is the final stage of the inspectin process. The engine's performance is evaluated and listened to during the test drive for acceleration, power, and smoke. As the car is being driven, we listen for any unusual noises, observe how the transmission shifts, how the cruise control works, how the air conditioner defrosts, how the suspension feels, how the brakes work, and how the emergency brakes work. Depending on the car, the complete examination takes about 2-3 hours, and you are given the inspection document for your convenience.

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Our Mission & Commitment To You


We Commit to Provide the Most Thorough and unbiased Car Inspections for anyone who wants to purchase either from a Used Car dealer or a Private Party from Craigslist or Autotrader or wherever they found the car.

Our Values


Even when a customer is dealing with their dream car, we take great pride in our work and in providing them with honest criticism. It is in our best advantage to inform a potential used car buyer of all we learn because we believe that being completely honest isn't in the seller's best interest. We surpass all expectations to give each and every one of our customers the greatest pre-purchase used car inspection services available.

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